About Us

There are many ways to promote and market an organization. Since 1990 the staff of Wise Dog Marketing have been aiding businesses with their marketing and sales objectives through print, promotional products and premium incentives. In recent years more focus has been given to the internet and how to compete using websites and mobile apps. In the ever shifting world of online marketing there is no one way to get your message out. Websites, mobile applications, search engine optimization, social media and so much more must be considered in any effective marketing effort.

We are a Marketing firm located in Jackson, Missouri near Cape Girardeau, and we welcome an opportunity to meet with you, discuss your objectives and present our recommendations in a professional but friendly manner. Whether you need a stronger, more effective presence online or at that next tradeshow we can help you make an impact.

Take a look at our site and what we offer, then give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to serve. We promise not to bark or bite and require very few treats!

Darcy, Our Mascot


Our mascot Darcy is a Jack Russell Terrier that is a BIG dog in a little body. Darcy is also fiercely loyal, doggedly determined, curious, never gives up, intelligent and fun. We believe she represents the spirit of our company and the reason we are a good choice to help you with marketing and promoting your business.


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