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Why social media automation can hurt your business

Social media is a great way to meet with your consumer on a  regular basis without having to pull up a directory of clients.  People follow your business on Twitter and like you on Facebook because they want you to communicate with them.  But, communication is not automation.

One of the worst things that a business can do is link their Facebook and Twitter together.  This means that a post automatically becomes a tweet and vice-versa  To you, it may seem like an effective way to cut down on hours, but the consumer doesn’t view it that way.

When customers take a break to view social media, they will probably check both Facebook and Twitter.  If customers see the same post on each page, they are likely to start ignoring the content.  No one wants to read the same thing twice.  This can make future important posts irrelevant.

Also, ALL content is shared.  This means you can’t just turn off a tweet so it doesn’t become a Facebook post.  So when you reply to a comment on Twitter, your Facebook customers see it.  That reply doesn’t make any sense to them.  This could be an unlike if it happens a few times.

The worst aspect of linking your social media is the character limit.  Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so if a Facebook post is long, it may get cut off on Twitter or try to link you back to Facebook to read more.  This can leave the customer confused and your post therefore ignored.  That makes your social media efforts worth nothing.

Overall, linking shows that you don’t want to take the time to engage the customer the way they want you to do.  Just take a few moments to edit a post to make it what is suitable for each platform.  Engage customers on Facebook by posing a question about a news story, while using Twitter to share tips you learned from the story.  Its the same story, but the customer won’t notice.

Contact Wise Dog Marketing for more help preparing your social media.  We are always learning new tricks to make your marketing efforts as successful as possible.


Why Facebook Insights is Redesigned with You in Mind

Facebook Insights is a built-in analytical tool that allows you to track the success of Pages on Facebook.  While this tool has been around for a while, this new update was designed to make growing your business’ social media presence much easier.

After accepting to update Insights, you will find many of the similar statistics you are used to in the “Overview” tab.  Changes in page likes, total reach, and involvement of people can still be seen.  This is all very basic, but extremely useful information, that you can use to see if you are taking advantage of Facebook Pages.

The Overview tab on Insights gives you a quick update on your social media presence.

The Overview tab on Insights gives you a quick update on your social media presence.

Now if where the changes come into play.  Formally, detailed data was exported to Excel, where it then had to be hand calculated.  Even with a knowledge of Excel, turning the data into useful information required a marketing or social media expert.  Now, some of this information has been turned over to the hands of you – the direct user, and the most invested person of them all.

Clicking the “Page” tab allows you to view detailed information about net likes, where people are liking your page from, and a net like breakdown.  Probably the most useful of all these new statistics is knowing where users are learning about your page.

Mobile users are one of the fastest growing sectors for Facebook.  Knowing that people are accessing your page off their phones means several things.  One, keep posts quick and interesting.  People are quick to scroll past many posts.  Interesting (but related) pictures can help with this.  Two, don’t spam people.  Seeing a post from you every time they open their phone doesn’t help like you may think.  People become annoyed quickly, and may dislike your page.  If you are using Facebook advertisements to promote your page, this will also show you if your new likes are from these links or if they are organic (came across it because of a friend, etc.).

Within the “Page” tab, you can also see if people are hiding your posts from their Facebook and what sources (Google, Bing, etc.) that people are coming across your Facebook from.  This will also show if people are accessing your Facebook from your website.

The “Posts” tab will allow you to see what days of the week those who like your page are on Facebook, and even what time they are on.  For a business that wants to reach the most people at once, this tool will help you decide when posting is beneficial instead of making it a guessing game.  You can also tell if it is status updates or links that provide you with the most engagement.

The “People” tab will break down likes by gender and age, ensuring that you reach your online cliental with appropriate posts.  This also show you country, city, and language.  While some of this may not seem useful, just keep this analogy in mind.  Dogs don’t need a shoe salesmen at their door everyday, so don’t try to sell your product or service to the people who aren’t even interested.

Overall, these updates will help you to improve your online presence with just a good hour of research.  However, if you want more detailed assistance in building your online presence, give Wise Dog a call and we will happily assist you.  We are always learning new tricks!